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FLEXIBILITY. ICONOMICS recognizes that the diverse and often divergent requirements of the various parts of a corporation precludes a “one size fits all” solution to its reporting and analysis needs.

Oracle and Applied OLAP, our BI tools partners, give us the technological breadth to properly solve the most complex business requirements.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE+) is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that delivers a full range of capabilities - including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, scorecard and strategy management, business process invocation, search and collaboration, mobile and disconnected analytics, integrated systems management and more.

OBIEE Plus includes the following components:

  • OBIEE Publisher (XML Publisher): Enterprise reporting and distribution of "pixel-perfect" reports
  • OBIEE Answers: Ad-hoc query and reporting
  • OBIEE Interactive Dashboards: Highly interactive dashboards for BI
  • OBIEE Briefing Books: Snapshots of dashboard pages to view and share in offline mode
  • OBIEE Delivers: Proactive business activity monitoring and alerting
  • OBIEE Disconnected Analytics: Full analytical functionality for the mobile professionals
  • Hyperion Interactive Reporting: Intuitive and highly interactive ad-hoc reporting
  • Hyperion Financial Reporting: Formatted, book-quality financial and management reporting
Oracle Essbase is the market-leading OLAP server for interactive, forward-looking analytics at the speed of thought. Essbase provides rapid modeling of alternative scenarios and streamlines the management reporting, forecasting, and variance analysis process.

Applied OLAP Dodeca enables users to quickly find the right pieces of information and fit them together to create a complete picture of their business. Dodeca integrates information from disparate sources, including Oracle Essbase and relational databases, into a single cohesive application. Exploration, collection, and analysis of information across systems becomes seamless, transparent, and intuitive.



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Business Intelligence Tools

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